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Grow sales revenue

by offering customers

the chance to win

an extraordinary prize.

For only a FRACTION

of the prize value!


Achieve Successful Marketing Campaigns with
Prize Competitions

Sports & Events Promotions maximises marketing opportunities to promote events, products and brands.

Whether an opportunity exists on the internet, radio, a trade show or at an event itself, our range of incentive competitions perfectly complements consumer and trade marketing programs across numerous industries.

Sports & Events Promotions excels at developing affordable yet highly effective instant win competitions, chance to win promotions and games of skill, in the form of consumer incentive campaigns , loyalty programs, online promotions, scratch and win cards, trade show promotions and fundraising ideas to name a few.

Competitions offer BIG VALUE incentives and break through the advertising clutter. They are an excellent marketing tool to:

  • Generate sales leads and increase sales
  • Draw attention and foot traffic to retail outlets
  • Boost attendance to events, fundraisers and trade shows
  • Increase brand awareness and grow brand equity
  • Encourage customer retention
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Capture market share with newly launched products
  • Leverage online and interactive marketing
  • Maximise sports sponsorship ROI (return on investment)
  • Increase direct mail and press advertising response rates
  • Capture prospect data by driving visitors to your website
  • Achieve trade loyalty with sales incentives

Our in depth knowledge of promotions enables us to offer a fixed service fee to generate the greatest outcome for your competition.

With contest prize coverage you can launch a very successful trade or consumer promotion, offering an incentive such as a major prize ranging from $10,000 to $1 Million or more, for only a fraction of the grand prize value.

Sports & Events Promotions prides itself in developing close relationships with clients, offering customised promotions which address your unique objectives, requirements, time frame and budget.


Hole in One Winner

$100,000 Winner

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